A new weekly podcast from Military Times examines the alarming rate of military and veterans suicide, offering new insights based on research and effective clinical and peer support practices in suicide prevention. Hosted by Duane France, a retired Army combat veteran and mental health counselor, and Shauna Springer, a psychologist, author and nationally recognized expert on initiatives to benefit the military community, the podcast aims to move beyond awareness to actionable strategies that can impact the rising suicide rate among service members, veterans, and their families.

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About the hosts
Duane France, MA, MBA, LPC is the director of veteran services for the Family Care Center, a private mental health clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also the executive director of the Colorado Veterans Health and Wellness Agency, a 501(c)3 nonprofit professionally affiliated with the Family Care Center. Upon retiring from the Army after a 22-year career, including five combat and operational deployments, France began serving as a clinical mental health counselor in 2014. He is a member of the inaugural class of the George W. Bush Institute Veteran Leadership Program, a program that supports individuals from diverse sectors across the country who are motivated to increase their impact in helping our nation's veterans. In addition to his clinical work, he also writes and speaks about veteran mental health in a wide variety of settings. He has presented at national conferences on mental health and wellness in the military population. He has authored three books, and is the founder and host of "Head Space and Timing," a blog and podcast that brings the information from the clinical community to service members, veterans, and their families. He has been published in numerous local and national media outlets, and writes an online column for Counseling Today.
Dr. Shauna Springer is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on initiatives that benefit the military community. Known as “Doc Springer,” she is a trusted adviser for a vast network of veterans, military families and fellow thought leaders. Her uniquely perceptive insights have helped thousands of warriors reconnect with their tribe, strengthen their relationships, and build lives driven by their values. Springer’s work has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Military Times and Marine Corps Times. She is co-author of the best-selling book "Beyond the Military," which explores the psychological, cultural and relational aspects of military transition and provides a comprehensive roadmap for successfully navigating life after military service. In addition, she has expertise in several critical, cutting edge subjects – for example – moral injury, approaching conversations about firearm safety, the links between survivor guilt, shame, and suicidal ideation, combining therapy with stellate ganglion block (an innovative treatment for post-traumatic stress), the trust gap between warriors and civilian treatment providers, and the bond between those who serve in the military and their trusted healers. Her next book, "WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us," has been endorsed by Academy Award winner and author of the books "Tribe" and "War," Sebastian Junger. "WARRIOR" will be published this spring.