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Turkey-backed Syrian fighters
Syrian government says Turkish-led forces attacked its troops
Turkish forces and their allies attacked Syrian government troops in northeastern Syria on Thursday, killing some of them, and they also clashed with Kurdish-led fighters, the state news agency in Damascus and a war monitoring group said.
A look at who’s who in northeast Syria as war fears rise
President Donald Trump’s announcement that U.S. troops in Syria would step aside to make way for a Turkish military operation against U.S.-allied Syrian Kurdish fighters unleashed a torrent of near unanimous criticism and warnings of immediate and long-term negative consequences.
Top US and Russian diplomats discussed ways to end Syria war
Top U.S. and Russian diplomats discussed step-by-step implementation of a 2012 roadmap to U.N.-supervised elections in Syria that could allow a Syrian government "to move back into the international community," the U.S. envoy for the war-torn country said Wednesday.
Syria foreign minister: Victory over ‘terrorism’ is near, US must leave
Declaring that victory over “terrorism” is almost at hand after more than seven years of civil war, Syria’s foreign minister took to the world stage Saturday and demanded that “occupation” forces from the U.S., France and Turkey leave the country immediately.
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