The Arizona Department of Transportation posted a private property sign on a site near Loop 202 and Alma School Road, forcing a current homeless veterans’ camp to relocate, according to ABC15 Arizona.

Jeff Kagan, Veterans on Patrol resource director, said the veterans were given until March 20 to relocate, but originally were told they needed to move sooner, until they asked for more time​.

"To give a safe transition for our veterans. A lot of them are in their early stages of sobriety, so any dramatic changes could make them slip back," Kagan said.

The veterans moved to a temporary location

relocated to 19th Avenue and Camelback Road

​, said ABC15.

"We’re still in search for a permanent, private property…preferably veteran-owned, that’s wanting to help homeless vets and is willing to let us set up camp," Kagan said.

ADOT released the following statement to ABC15:

"The State of Arizona is committed to protecting veterans and helping break the cycle of homelessness. Since this camp moved onto ADOT property on Dec. 6, the state's desire has been to assist the individuals in this area by helping to find them shelter and assistance. With that goal in mind, teams from the state have visited on multiple occasions to offer assistance to veterans and others."

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