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Know your PCS weight allowance

Staring at a summer move? As you begin mentally shedding belongings in anticipation of moving day, here’s a quick reminder of how much each paygrade is allowed to pack at the government’s expense. Check below the chart for a half-dozen additional guidelines, and check here to see how good you are at guessing how heavy all that stuff really is:

Paygrade Weight w/dependents Weight w/o dependents
O-10 to O-6 18,000 18,000
O-5/W-5 17,500 16,000
O-4/W-4 17,000 14,000
O-3/W-3 14,500 13,000
O-2/W-2 13,500 12,500
O-1/W-1 and academy grads 12,000 10,000
E-9 15,000 13,000
E-8 14,000 12,000
E-7 13,000 11,000
E-6 11,000 8,000
E-5 9,000 7,000
E-4 8,000 7,000
E-3 to E-1 8,000 5,000
Aviation cadets 8,000 7,000
Academy cadets/midshipmen N/A 350

More to know about these limits:

1. Service members with eligible dependents receive the “with dependents” figure regardless of whether the dependent is part of the move. They may also receive the amount if they are no longer in “with dependent” status under certain circumstances (the recent death of a spouse or a divorce, for example).

2. In addition to the weights above, service members can haul up to 2,000 pounds of job-related “Pro-Gear” and another 500 pounds of similar gear for spouses.

3. The top enlisted service member in each branch gets a 17,000-pound with-dependents allowance (14,000 without).

4. Enlisted members or warrant officers moving into the officer ranks won’t be penalized if their new rank carries a lower allowance; they can remain at their old level.

5. Overseas moves may come with additional weight restrictions. Consult your local transportation office for move-specific guidance.

6. If you come in heavier at weigh-in than expected, you are entitled to a re-weigh at no cost. This can be set up by the transportation office at your current or future duty station.

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