For many military families on the move in 2018, the date on the calendar with a red circle around it is approaching.

Peak moving season runs from mid-May through August. Whether you’re just beginning the process or you’re in need of a reality check on your planning so far, here’s a short roundup of resources, cheat sheets, prep guides and more.

But first, a few basic tips:

  • Act fast. As soon as you get your orders, start setting up your move via or a visit to your local transportation/traffic management/personal property/household goods office.
  • Have options. Be as flexible as possible with your move dates.
  •  Get confirmation. Once you’ve submitted your move request, expect an email from the system when the move is booked and another from the company that will handle your move. If you don’t get those confirmations within a few days, don’t assume movers will show up: Call your local transportation office.
  • Stay in the loop. Keep in touch with the moving company. Have their contact details handy, and make sure they have yours. Communicate your expectations.
  • Ask for a fix. If something is not going right with the move, contact your local transportation office.

Now, the links:

Hot off the press. Details on the “perfect storm” that may await military movers already expecting delays. ... How relief agencies may assist movers who run into financial trouble. ... A quick refresher on when and how to use your government travel card during your move.

Tools and guides. Military OneSource offers a comprehensive Plan My Move web tool with special guidance for first-time military movers. ... The Defense Department-run site also has a permanent change-of-station guide that includes contact information for more personalized assistance. ... serves as the official DoD PCS portal, but also offers a weight estimator and other useful tools, such as a list of shipping guidelines.

Tips and tricks. Some preparation goes beyond checklists and confirmations. ... Need a house at the new duty station? Here are some quick tips on how to find one. ... Is your insurance up to date? ... Don’t settle for a simple inventory; break out your smartphone and get filming.

Stay tuned to Home HQ for more PCS news as the busy season approaches.

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