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What civilian jobs let me capitalize on my security clearance?


Your security clearance is a valuable asset and is highly sought after by certain civilian companies. In the case of some civilian or government-contracted positions, not having a clearance makes you ineligible for their positions!

Private-sector security clearance jobs are now found in healthcare, education and finance. Due to heightened security concerns, many large companies find a pre-screened candidate who has a clearance ― and therefore has had a thorough background check ― especially attractive. Federal positions found at https://www.usajobs.gov/ often list vacant positions whose prerequisites list a clearance. Employer sites such as Clearance Jobs deal exclusively with those who have a clearance.

A properly written, targeted resume shows the prospective employer that you have been entrusted with high-value classified information and are reliable. You may have worked with highly guarded material and been given access to restricted areas within the organization. These facts, when accurately explained, show you are highly trustworthy, which is extremely valuable to any industry, regardless of the type of work.

When you are developing a post-service plan and are considering using your clearance in a civilian career, make an appointment with a transition advisor to check out your options and explore what is available.

―Maj. Lori E. Miller, Deputy Director Communication Strategy and Operations, MCIEAST ― Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and New River

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