Sailors who must attend a professional military education program or classes away from their duty station are now eligible to collect an additional allowance to cover housing costs at both locations.

The policy attempts to alleviate the financial burden on sailors so they are not footing the bill for two homes by allowing them to receive a daily stipend while they are away and undergoing a professional military education program.

The allowance is separate from the Basic Allowance for Housing stipend the sailors receive to cover housing costs where their family is based.

Eligible sailors must complete their training in less than a year and not live in on-base housing.

“If government quarters are not available at the location of PME or training, a statement of non-availability must be obtained,” the Navy said in an administrative message in March.

The change stems from a provision included in the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, where Congress instructed the services to adjust their policies regarding the allowance. The provision also authorizes retroactive payments dating back to December 23, 2022.

As a result, the Pentagon revised its Joint Travel Regulation guidance last year. Meanwhile, the Air Force and Space Force updated their travel regulation guidance this month, and the Marine Corps modified its policy in March.

The Army is in the process of updating their policy, but soldiers are already entitled to the benefit, Air Force Times previously reported.

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