Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is proud to announce their new heavy duty AK rifle, the Century Arms VSKA, is now backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Announced in October 2018, the 2019 VSKA (vis-kuh) from Century Arms represents the latest in an American-built AK rifle. Critical components are machined from S7 tool steel, including the bolt carrier, front trunnion and feed ramp, all heat-treated for maximum durability. S7, often referred to as a “Shock-Resisting Tool Steel,” is commonly used for tools like chisels and jackhammer tips as it has maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, while retaining toughness. The front trunnion and bolt are machined from billet and exceeded the durability goals for the project. Additionally, the VSKA features a nitro-carburized 4140 steel bolt, a chrome-moly 4150 barrel, and sports the RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group for an impressive trigger pull. Along with a magnesium-phosphate finish, Century adds a little style to the heavy-duty brute with an American Maple wood buttstock and forend.

Each VSKA ships with one 30-round standard-capacity magazine and has an MSRP of $735.95.

“We are extremely proud of this product and the value it delivers to AK enthusiasts”, says Jason Karvois, Director of Sales for Century Arms. “The addition of this new lifetime warranty to every VSKA backs our belief that this rifle, whose development included an unprecedented level of testing for the platform, will perform for years to come.”

In addition to new purchasers, the warranty will be available for all VSKA rifles purchased prior to this announcement. Owners should keep their receipts as they will be required for warranty service.

Learn more about the VSKA at centuryarms.com.

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