Wild Things Gear has been known in SOF and high altitude mountain climbing circles for years. They’ve been taking care of Marines for almost as long, though “Happy Suit” wearing gyrenes may not realize who they have to thank for it.

Most recently Wild Things Gear teamed up with a storied former Army sniper to develop what they call the Shadow Watch Kit. It’s designed for hides, OPs, and those times when you have to hunker in place and shiver while you wait for a target to show.

“The weather may change, the objective remains. New from Wild Things, the Shadow Watch Kit (download overview here)uses proven layers to defeat the elements and achieve your objectives,” Wild Things says. "All in an ultralight and packable clothing system engineered and built in USA.

Inspired by the sniper community and designed with input from Jim Gilliland, Founder of Shadow 6 Consulting, the Shadow Watch Kit prepares the warfighter for sniping, observation, and special mission climate requirements."

They go on.

“This thoughtfully assembled 10-piece system provides user-configurable layering options to achieve a wide range of comfort, stealth, and protection to defeat the elements and the enemy. Mobile or static, cold or wet, mountain or valley floor – the Shadow Watch Kit provides the utmost in performance when environments become uncertain.”

The kit includes:

Wild Things Gear Active Flex Jacket: a highly breathable hooded jacket designed for the mobile warrior. Full stretch, DWR/ NIR, and high abrasion resistance.

Wild Things Gear Insulated Soft Shell Pants: fleece lined, 4-way stretch pants designed with performance, durability, and warmth. Gusseted crotch and articulated knees.

Wild Things Gear Power Stretch Pullover: an expedition weight 1⁄4-zip pullover top, watch cap and shorts for packable, next to skin warmth without the bulk.

Wild Things Gear Knuckle Roaster-FR: a packable hand warmer and storage. Allows user to maintain hand dexterity in the coldest environments.

Wild Things Gear Shelter/Poncho Liner: a quilted DWR nylon liner for use as an insulated blanket or poncho liner – 72” x 96”.

Wild Things Gear Survivalist Poncho: a PU coated nylon poncho, also functions as shelter or ground cloth – 56” x 87”.

Wild Things Gear GOAT Bag: a 57L duffel bag to keep the kit organized, protected and ready to go.

Learn more at WildThingsGear.com.