The world of AR-15s is a very crowded one. New companies looking to make a name for themselves must innovate and offer tangible advantages over, or address shortcomings of existing designs to have a chance of success.

One company in particular that has done a fantastic job achieving both of these goals, is Maxim Defense.

Specializing in personal defense weapon (PDW) style carbines and pistols, the Minnesota-based arms maker just announced the latest addition to their product lineup: the MDX.

The MDX is a magazine-fed, semi automatic (and select-fire) carbine developed in response to the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment. Though based on Eugene Stoner’s M16/M4 carbines, the MDX utilizes a modified buffer and receiver extension to accommodate its proprietary ultra-compact PDW stock.

The MDX also uses ultra-rigid monolithic railed forearms that incorporate M-LOK slots for increased accessory mounting points without adding extra weight. This further adds to the weapons versatility and mission-configurable adaptivity.

The result is a compact weapon that offers the maneuverability and handiness of an SMG, with greater ballistic efficacy and increase effective range normally associated with a full-sized carbine.

The MDX is available in three calibers - traditional 5.56, .300blk and 7.62x39mm. The first two feeding from STANAG magazines, and the 7.62x39mm presumably feeding from either a proprietary magazine, or the ACS 7.62x39mm magazine.

These very unique-looking pistols, rifles and carbines are sure to make a big splash at SHOT. But what’s under the hood? Check out the presser below.

Very interesting. But the announcement doesn’t end there. Maxim also announced purpose-built ammunition to maximize effectiveness in short barreled weapons like the MDX and PDX.

Standard rifle ammunition is designed for maximum effect in full-length barrels. Since the new MDX/PDW weapons have considerably shorter lengths, Maxim Defense designed new loadings for the carbines to maximize ballistic efficacy.

This is exciting news not just for perspective buyers of the MDX or PDX, but also for anyone who owns an SBR or AR pistol in 5.56 NATO, .300blk or 7.62x39mm. The press release spells out the details below.

CaliberBullet WeightBullet Type
300BLK115gr / 190gr subsonicSolid Copper Spun
5.56 NATO55gr, 62gr, 70grSolid Copper Spun
7.62x39mm119grSolid Copper Spun

These new pistols, carbines and ammunition loadings are very interesting, and should be a hit with civilian and law enforcement alike. For more information, stay tuned to GearScout for coverage of the new weapons and ammunition that Maxim Defense will be showcasing at SHOT Show 2020, and for all the specifications visit

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