Leupold makes some of the finest rifle scopes for the money, and the Kestrel offered in this promotion is not slouch either. But shooters can’t simply buy any Leupold optic, they must purchase (at retail locations or online shops) one of Leupold’s Mark 5HD rifle scopes.

For the uninitiated, the Kestrel is one of the most advanced, hand-held combination weather/ballistic calculators on the market. It acts as a portable weather station, offers ballistic solutions based on a given round’s ballistic coefficient, wind solutions and even cross-wind solutions. And the Kestrel 5700’s price reflects this - around $500.

Thankfully, shooters can get their hands on one for free when they buy one of the new high quality Leupold scopes. Check out the official announcement below.

To claim your Kestrel, go to Leupold.com/Rebates and submit your redemption information (U.S.customers only). The Kestrel package is only available with the purchase of a new Mark 5HD in stores or through an online retailer.

This is certainly a great opportunity for someone interested in long-range shooting to save some serious cash while obtaining some very high quality equipment. For more information, visit www.Leupold.com

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