Noveske’s new 9mm blasters are out of this world

Oregon-based Noveske Rifleworks has made a name for itself in the firearms community with its incredible rifle builds. Now, the company which cut its teeth on rifle-caliber ARs is set to make another splash in the firearms market with two new guns, both chambered for 9 mm Luger.

The first of the two guns — both pistols — is the Noveske9.

Featuring a threaded 10.5-inch stainless steel barrel and an AR-style receiver precision-milled from billet aluminum, this gun shoots just as good as it looks.

The upper receiver uses a Geissele Super Badass charging handle with Noveske markings, and houses a black nitride-coated 9mm bolt with an AR-15-type extractor. The lower features a Geissele Super MCX SSA two-stage trigger, originally designed for the SIG MCX, and a Magpul MOE-K pistol grip.

The handguard comes with M-LOK attachment points for accessories, and the top rail comes with a set of Magpul MBUS Pro folding sights, which can easily be removed and replaced with a dedicated optic.

The Noveske9 comes equipped with an SB Tactical SBA3 adjustable brace.

The Noveske9 pistol, featuring a 10.5-inch barrel (Photo Noveske)
The Noveske9 pistol, featuring a 10.5-inch barrel (Photo Noveske)

The second pistol debuted by Noveske is dubbed the Space Invader.

Though it looks like a shortened version of the Noveske9 with a NHR 6.25-inch M-LOK style handguard, the Space Invader does indeed come with a few differences.

While the Noveske9 comes with an SB Tactical Brace, the Space Invader makes use of a 3-position PDW style brace from Q. Additionally, it uses a Noveske-categorized Gen 3.5 receiver instead of the Gen 4 that the bigger gun has.

That seems to be where the differences end and the similarities resume. The Space Invader also comes stock with MBUS Pro folding sights, the MCX SSA trigger, and both guns are fully ambidextrous for left- and right-handed users.

Both the Space Invader and the Noveske9 use a vertical Colt-style magazine, and each other retails with one 32-round metal magazine with custom Noveske markings.

As you might’ve expected, the prices for both of these rigs are just as out of this world, both coming in at a whopping $2,550.