Improvise Adapt Overcome: Here is how a roll of coins could save your life

It is quite unobtrusive.

In fact, not so many people get them any more from the bank. Yet this increasingly rare item to come across is something that can be a surprisingly effective tool for self-protection.

We’re talking about a roll of quarters – literally $10.

You might seem surprised to hear this. You may even ask “Just how could a roll of quarters be an effective self-defense weapon?”

People really don’t keep a lot of coins on hand, much less a roll, especially since pay phones have been going the way of the dinosaurs.

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Well, think about the last time you took a bag or bowl of change to a local supermarket with a Coinstar machine.

That bag was pretty heavy, wasn’t it? Probably too heavy to really swing around.

Now, a roll of quarters becomes very interesting in this regard.

It’s still pretty heavy – you wouldn’t want to drop it on your foot – but it’s not so heavy you can’t carry it in one hand.

It also has another advantage: Unlike your preferred carry gun or knife, a roll of quarters will not cause trouble with the TSA or other law enforcement agencies.

But when necessary, that roll of quarters can be dropped into a sock to create a makeshift sap, something that can deliver a powerful blow to break open glass or to pummel an attacker.

If swung with enough force, this makeshift sap could break bones. When held in the fist, that roll of quarters makes a punch much heavier, both literally and figuratively.

But that roll of coins could become even nastier.

If you have the time, pushing nails through the coin roll could, in addition to the potential bone-breaking power from a punch, enable you to put holes in someone trying to hurt you.

Clint Emerson-Improvised Self-Defense