Improvise Adapt Overcome: Your Travel EDC kit

Traveling can be enjoyable, but travelers are often seen as easy targets.

How can a traveler ensure that they can be secure enough to enjoy their trip (or to accomplish the objectives of a business trips) without getting themselves in a lot of trouble – including being stopped and questioned by local authorities?

Believe it or not, there are some items you can carry every day that can help you gain a lot of security, but which don’t catch much attention.

For instance, a handcuff key is one of the items a person could have on them. One key can open a lot of handcuffs around the world.

This is perhaps the one item you will need to take the most care to conceal.

Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson suggests you hide that key in your shoe.

Another item: A cell phone with plenty of SIM cards and a fully-charged battery. The need for a fully-charged battery is obvious – the more talk time you have, the better, especially if you need help.

But why extra SIM cards? Part of it is because phone systems in various countries are different. Your phone might work in the United States, but would be useless in the United Kingdom without a new card.

A steel-barrel pen is also recommended by Emerson. This is not just to have something to write with – and thus facilitate communication.

This sort of pen can also be used to shatter glass (useful for pulling people from a wrecked car), or it can also serve as an effective weapon.

One advantage of this is that it can be carried in a shirt pocket – and doesn’t raise eyebrows.

Finally, Emerson also suggests having local currency. This is not only useful for if you lose your wallet or phone, but in many countries, it can also provide an incentive for a local official to help move things along.

Improvise Adapt Overcome: Your travel EDC kit

Former SEAL Clint Emerson lists the must have items in your Every Day Carry kit for travel.