With Thanksgiving meals consumed and families around the country settling in for wondrous, near-mythical food comas, we didn’t want to end the day without paying homage to that ol' brown bag that has served as a turkey day substitute for many-a-service member throughout our nation’s history.

The Meal, Ready-to-Eat — or Meal, Refusing-to-Exit, as it is affectionately known among constipated troops — is jam-packed with the kind of astronomical calorie and sodium counts needed to fuel service members in various endeavors — like 17-year wars, for example.

Personnel who have deployed or been on extended field ops know that the trading of MRE items becomes a major source of currency exchange. Pick any remote corner of the world — items like poppy pound cakes and strawberry milkshakes are changing hands.

We sincerely hope you’re not among that number today and that you’re enjoying a hearty meal with loved ones, but for your MRE amusement, YouTube sensation Alonzo Lerone dived headfirst into a number of items from that treasured brown bag.

His comments do not disappoint. Among them:

  • “I feel like I made this in preschool. This is like Play-Doh."
  • “I think I’m tasting blood."
  • “Oh my gosh, that looks like homicide. Is that a tooth?"
  • “I will sue my country. I will sue the president.” 

Enjoy. And Happy Thanksgiving.

Trying US Military Food For The First Time

how can our soldiers eat these things ?!?

Posted by Alonzo Lerone on Monday, November 19, 2018