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This incredible SpongeBob spoof of the ‘1917’ trailer is everything we never knew we needed

The internet, as has been said, remains undefeated.

This statement has seldom been more true than now, when YouTube user “Carnage-Boy” decided to bless the world with a SpongeBob SquarePants rendition of the harrowing trailer to Oscar-winner Sam Mendes’ stunning World War I film, “1917.”

“The awesome 1917 trailer finally has its SpongeBob redux,” the video’s synopsis reads.

“A remix of one of the best 2019 trailers which brings a decisive answer to the question no one ever asked: what if Sam Mendes’ latest badass movie was set in Bikini Bottom instead of Pas-de-Calais? Patrick Star and SpongeBob have to save Gary from a suicide mission, all with style.”

It’s the most intense action the Krusty Krab culinary connoisseur has ever endured and without a doubt the best way to start the weekend off on the right foot — or drill foot, if that’s your thing.

Words can’t do it justice. Enjoy.

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