A woman who was arrested last year after trespassing and asking to speak with “Agent Penis” at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, is back in the news again.

Jennifer G. Hernandez, 58, was taken into custody last week after it was discovered she had violated conditions of the pretrial release agreement that was put in place following the May 2019 trespassing charge, WTOP reported.

After being told to stay away from government facilities as part of her release agreement, Hernandez not only made another trip to the Central Intelligence Agency but added at least one visit to the Washington-area home of former President Barack Obama, the report said.

“You shouldn’t be going to places like the CIA and the Obamas’ house," Judge John Anderson told the persistent Hernandez at a November 2019 hearing, according to the WTOP report. "You have to fight the callings, and you just can’t go back there.”

“I won’t go back there,” Hernandez responded. “Tell me what to do, and I will abide by the law.”

Despite her law-abiding promises, Hernandez was taken into custody by the Secret Service less than a month later on Dec. 9 and charged with unlawful entry, the report said. The details of that incident remain sealed.

Hernandez then visited CIA headquarters for the fifth time on Dec. 23, eight months after she first sauntered into the Langley office through the main vehicle entrance.

Questioned back on April 22, Hernandez informed a bewildered police officer that she had arrived for a scheduled meeting with an employment recruiter.

Although that claim was quickly debunked and she was asked to leave, Hernandez remained undeterred. Three more visits on consecutive days followed — May 1, 2, and 3.

May 1 resulted a written warning from police to stay away from the Langley office. On May 2, Hernandez was interviewed by authorities and subsequently dismissed from the premises. Hernandez arrived the following day to request the return of her North Carolina ID card, which had mistakenly been left in storage. Authorities returned Hernandez’s ID and asked her to leave the property, which reportedly prompted a desperate plea by Hernandez to speak with an “Agent Penis” — a last-ditch attempt to be granted access.

One does not simply request an audience with Agent Penis.

Hernandez was again dismissed from the site, but after refusing to board a bus she was taken into police custody.

For now, Hernandez is being detained in Alexandria, Virginia, where a hearing this week is expected to determine whether she will be eligible for release prior to her pending trial for trespassing.

Her attorney is reportedly considering entering a not guilty plea using a defense of insanity.

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