If you've ever wanted to send your buddy a camo-clad emoji, here's your chance.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America teamed up with Kapps Media to launch the first military and veterans emoji app: Vetmoji.

For $1.99, you can download the app on your iPhone or Android — and spend the rest of the day scrolling through the different emojis, GIFs and audio files. Plus, half of the proceeds help fund IAVA's programs. You can message your friends either through the app, or you can add the Vetmoji keyboard to your default keyboard for texting.

IAVA's James Baumann said there are male and female emojis.

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James Baumann, director of strategic partnerships at IAVA, said the organization reached out to the veteran community, as well as IAVA staff, for input on what the emojis should look like.

"Our hope is that it's just a continued way for veterans to communicate with each other in a sort of fun and relevant way," he said.

Vetmoji gives you the option to change the size before sending via text or social media.

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You can adjust the size of the emojis before you send them via text or social media. You can also send audio files with military expressions or lines from your favorite movies. (Pro tip: Make sure you're not sitting in a quiet office when you play the famous line from "Team America.")

"It gives a little bit of higher visibility to veterans in general," Baumann said. "Especially when veterans are sharing it with their friends on the civilian side of the equation."

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