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Here’s how a pot magazine ended up on the shelf of a Navy exchange

Navy Exchange officials have removed a magazine titled “Marijuana” from the shelves of the Bangor exchange location at Naval Base Kitsap, Washington.

It’s not clear whether the magazine was being sold in other Navy exchanges, but it was brought to officials’ attention Aug. 15 by a customer who tweeted a picture to the Navy Exchange Twitter account and wrote, “until the FDA admits alcohol is worse than marijuana you probably shouldn’t sell these magazines on federal property.”

Navy Exchange officials asked for the location to address the issue with management, and have since removed the magazine, which was apparently a one-time special edition.

The magazine was a “special publication from one of our approved publishers who normally prints sports magazines,” said Navy Exchange Service Command spokeswoman Kristine Sturkie.

“Once we had more knowledge of what the publication was and because it was not an approved title or appropriate content for our customers, we pulled the magazine from the shelves.”

Washington state has legalized marijuana, but it’s still illegal for military members to use marijuana.

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