Task Force Violent

Military Times' award-winning investigative series examining one of the Afghanistan war's most notorious war-crimes cases

Task Force Violent: The unforgiven
Promotional video for "Task Force Violent: The unforgiven," a five-part investigative reporting series by Military Times.
Video: 'All these officers betrayed me'
Steve Morgan, one of three Marine officers who in 2008 presided over one of the most notorious American war-crimes cases since the Vietnam War, says the Marines involved were betrayed by senior leaders and deserve to be made whole again.
Video: 'Our fate was nailed shut'
Fred Galvin, Fox Company's commander during its fateful combat deployment in 2007, says many of those investigated still suffer emotional and professional setbacks as a result of their ordeal.
Video: The battle at Bati Kot
This footage, which shows the battleground in Bati Kot where Fox Company's convoy was attacked by a suicide car bomber and ambushed, was shown during the Marines' court of inquiry.
Video: 'Things began to fall apart'
Retired Lt. Col. Steve Morgan, one of three officers overseeing the court of inquiry, said the government's case against Fox Company fell apart quickly.
Video: 'Our side of the story'
Retired Marine Maj. Fred Galvin, commander of the first MARSOC unit in Afghanistan, discusses the lasting effects of his company's early and controversial departure from Afghanistan.
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