How Veterans and Spouses Provide Military-Grade Hospitality
At IHG® Army Hotels, we strive to offer our guests a higher rank of hospitality, and our team members carry that ethos with them on post every day. And though each of our colleagues offer their unique perspective, our veterans and military spouse team members always go above and beyond in creating an environment that caters to our guests, and it’s important to recognize the attributes they bring to the table.
IHG® Army Hotels: Celebrating 12 Years
At IHG® Army Hotels, it has been an honor to serve our military community for the past 12 years. We understand the challenges and sacrifices that come with the military life, and it brings us great pleasure to know that we’re supporting your mission well, scoring an average of 4.3 on a 5-point scale in our Guest Satisfaction Surveys, and being awarded 5 out of 5 stars on the Garrison Commander Evaluation Metric every year since 2017.
IHG® Army Hotels: Made with You in Mind
Military travel comes with its own unique set of challenges and needs, and IHG® Army Hotels carefully considers all of them in the design of their hotels.
IHG® Army Hotels’ Approach to Sustainability
In February 2021, IHG® Hotels & Resorts launched Journey to Tomorrow, a series of ambitious new commitments to make a positive difference for people, communities, and planet over the next decade. The company has committed to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, pioneer the transformation to a minimal waste hospitality industry, conserve water, and help secure water access in those areas at greatest risk.
Achieving the Mission: Employee Testimonials from IHG® Army Hotels
At IHG Army Hotels®, every single colleague across our 76 hotels on 40 different Army bases is committed to our mission of achieving a higher rank of hospitality. Whether you’re enjoying time off at our Fort Shafter location in Honolulu or taking a TDY trip to historic West Point, our staff is working tirelessly to bring you the service, safety, and hospitality you expect from IHG Army Hotels®. To learn more about what our mission means to them, we’re sharing testimonials from some of our incredible employees.
How IHG® Army Hotels is Providing a Higher Rank of Hospitality
At IHG® Army Hotels, we understand how difficult of a year it’s been, especially for active-duty servicemembers and their families. While the rest of the world stood still, military families had to navigate things like deployment, PCS and TDY. But, with 76 hotels on 40 Army bases across the United States, we’ve been able to help those families along the way, providing them with the service, safety, and hospitality they deserve
Hotels Thoughtfully Designed for the Military Traveler
Here at IHG®, True Hospitality always comes first and at IHG® Army Hotels, it’s no different. Each one of our on-post hotels is designed specifically with the military traveler in mind, and all amenities help make your stay easier and more enjoyable. IHG® Army Hotels understands that service for our military guests and their families is different than our service for civilians, and we strive to provide that service every day.
IHG® Army Hotels Teen Academy
The IHG® Army Hotels Teen Academy is a paid summer internship set up for employees’ teenagers where they can learn and perform various hospitality tasks. Hotel RDO and GM, Teresa Colatarci, says the program is a great opportunity to “groom possible future leaders and kids that don’t necessarily have the means or desire to go to college right away.”
Who is IHG® Army Hotels?
IHG® Army Hotels, a unique portfolio within the IHG® family, is a group of hotels that are specifically located inside U.S. Army installations, and unlike other IHG hotels, our hospitality is specialized towards service members and their families. Whether they are staying with us short-term or long-term, IHG Army Hotels are equipped to handle the demanding necessities that military life brings.
Veterans find new purpose through IHG
The current veteran unemployment rate was 2.9% as of March 2019 – the lowest it’s been in the month of March since 2000. Still, finding a job and staying at a job are two different things. One thing that keeps individuals at their job is simple: purpose.
Showing true hospitality on Joint Base San Antonio
Joint Base San Antonio has six IHG® Army hotels serving military members and their families. Colatarci manages them all. As IHG® Army Hotel’s guests are primarily active duty soldiers or veterans and their families, the team requires a level of empathy that goes above and beyond your average hotel staff. They work to meet the unique needs of the military guests they serve.
Turning your PCS into a fresh start
Whether it’s your first or fifteenth, each PCS move comes with a new set of challenges, problems, and unexpected changes. In 2017, there were 430,000 PCS moves in Summer alone. Among those 430,000, there were sure to be last-minute movers, broken furniture, lost family treasures, and unexpected temporary accommodations. Despite all the ways things could go wrong though, you can minimize the unexpected.
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