Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. David Berger, have tested positive for COVID-19, officials say.

Milley tested positive Sunday, according to Army Col. Dave Butler, Milley’s spokesman.

Milley “is working remotely and isolating himself from contact with others after a positive COVID-19 test yesterday,” Butler said in a statement. “He is experiencing very minor symptoms and can perform all of his duties from the remote location. He has received the COVID-19 vaccines including the booster.”

Berger also tested positive, Marine Col. Kelly Frushour, a spokewoman, told Military Times.

“The performance of his duties will remain unaffected,” she said.

Milley’s most recent contact with President Joe Biden was on Jan. 12 at retired Gen. Raymond Odierno’s funeral. He tested negative several days prior to and every day following contact with the President until yesterday.

Milley and Berger the most recent top military leaders to test positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin tested positive for COVID-19 on Jan. 2.

In a statement released that evening, Austin said he took the test after “exhibiting symptoms” related to the fast-spreading virus. He described his symptoms as mild and said he was working with his doctors to limit any health complications.

Austin said he received both the COVID-19 vaccination early last year and a booster shot in early October. He said doctors told him that “my fully vaccinated status … have rendered the infection much more mild than it would otherwise have been. And I am grateful for that.”

Howard Altman is an award-winning editor and reporter who was previously the military reporter for the Tampa Bay Times and before that the Tampa Tribune, where he covered USCENTCOM, USSOCOM and SOF writ large among many other topics.

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