Late Friday, the White House announced President Donald Trump’s final decision on transgender forces ― that most should not be allowed to serve. The president formed his views based on a February 2018 memo from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and Mattis’ recommendations were based on a Pentagon study the defense secretary requested last summer.

Trump’s decision on the issue is here.

Mattis’ February 2018 memo to the president is here.

The Pentagon study Mattis based his decision on is here.

It is not immediately clear how the White House decision or Mattis’ recommendations would be implemented.

Four federal court cases are challenging Trump’s transgender ban, and several interim decisions by judges in those cases have struck down parts of the administration’s transgender policy. On Saturday, Pentagon spokesman Army Maj. David Eastburn said given those cases, there would likely be no immediate impact on transgender service.

Tara Copp is the Pentagon Bureau Chief for Military Times and author of the award-winning military nonfiction "The Warbird: Three Heroes. Two Wars. One Story."

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