Are you among the 1.6 million service members eligible to choose between the new Blended Retirement System and the current system? Have you made your decision?

Military Times is preparing a special report in which we will connect a number of military personnel with professional financial planners for a free review of whether you’re on the right financial track — aligned with the military retirement choice you have made and whether you might want to make a few tweaks.

We’ll report on the results of your analysis in our newspapers and on our websites, which will help others in the military community benefit from the same advice.

To be eligible for consideration, contact reporter Karen Jowers at by Nov. 7 with your name, age, rank, branch of service, marital status (single, married, engaged), number of children, if any, length of military service, where you’re currently stationed, and phone number(s) where you can be reached. Also, please provide a photo and tell us a bit about why you want to participate.