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As troops leave, US to keep airstrike option in Afghanistan
Officials have said the withdrawal of the main U.S. military force and its equipment from Afghanistan would be largely completed by this weekend.
Anger grows at civilian deaths by US, Afghan forces
Increasing civilian deaths in stepped-up U.S. airstrikes and operations by Afghan forces highlight the conundrum the U.S. military and its Afghan allies face, 18 years into the war: How to hunt down their Islamic State group and Taliban enemies, while keeping civilians safe and on their side.
US military cuts back on Afghanistan war data
Amid a battlefield stalemate in Afghanistan, the U.S. military has stopped releasing information often cited to measure progress in America’s longest war, calling it of little value in fighting the Taliban insurgency.
Despite Afghan deaths, slow peace efforts, NATO vows to stay
Fifteen years after NATO took the lead on international security efforts in Afghanistan, the military alliance's foreign ministers on Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to stay the course despite mounting Afghan casualties and the slow pace of peace efforts.
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