Iran says there will be no talks with US, while Saudi Arabia aims to restore full oil production within the month
Saudi Arabia's energy minister said Tuesday that more than half of its daily crude oil production that was knocked out by a weekend attack had been restored and that full production is expected by the end of the month.
Senior VA leaders disciplined after ant infestation at nursing home
Family members found a dying patient covered with dozens of bug bites.
Troops in South Korea have 90 more days of curfew suspension
The command previously instituted a curfew suspension assessment that began June 17 and was supposed to end Tuesday. The curfew suspension was intended to assess whether the command would maintain a USFK-wide curfew or not, based on troop behavior.
Authorities: Separate attacks in Afghanistan kill 48
Separate attacks by suicide bombers — one targeting President Ashraf Ghani’s election rally and a second that ripped through the center of the Afghan capital — killed at least 48 people and wounded scores more Tuesday in the deadliest single day since a peace agreement with Taliban insurgents was declared dead.
DoD identifies Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin as Green Beret killed by small arms fire
The Defense Department has identified an Army Special Forces soldier killed in action Monday.
Hypersonic weapons could give the B-1 bomber a new lease on life
Could the B-1 survive its retirement plans while adding on hypersonic weapons?
Information warfare should be treated like call-for-fire missions, Army Cyber says
“It’s 2019. It still can’t be true that it’s easier to drop a bomb on somebody than to send them a leaflet or an email," said a senior Army Cyber official.
Sean Spicer dons ruffled shirt, shimmies his way onto ‘Dancing With the Stars’
“What were you doing there? It’s like you were being attacked by a swarm of wasps.”
The VA’s suicide prevention strategy will fail
If suicide prevention is VA’s highest priority, then it wouldn't outsource the solution to local, community-based organizations, says the author of this commentary.
Army, Navy, Air Force go head to head in inter-service obstacle course competition
The service’s teams, each composed of three men and three women, were faced with more than 30 obstacles on the course set up at Retama Park in Selma, Texas. Barriers included pipe bombs and a three-story structure called “Alcatraz,” along with sand bags, ropes, and weighted sleds
Dutchmen arrested for trespassing near Area 51 with drone & camera equipment, because ... aliens
Though, the location is off, the alien-enthused festival still lives.
ISIS leader calls on fighters to free detained comrades
The leader of the Islamic State group released a new alleged audio recording Monday calling on members of the extremist group to do all they can to free IS detainees and women held in jails and camps.
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