Hundreds of letter-writers had the chance to show their appreciation for Medal of Honor recipients last week, sending thousands of pieces of mail for delivery to the more than two dozen honorees who attended a luncheon outside Washington, D.C., in advance of National Medal of Honor Day.

It marked the second year the luncheon included a mail call, which was organized by Janine Stange, a frequent supporter of veteran causes who is best known as “The National Anthem Girl” ― she’s performed the song in all 50 states. Stange promoted the effort via her website and social media channels, as well as a regular spot on SiriusXM radio.

Stange received more than just a handful of letters from schoolkids, she said: Some participants drew portraits, others included wood carvings. She even received gift cards and books to hand out at the luncheon, where she performed the national anthem.

See the gallery above for some images from the event and of some of the cards and letters Stange has collected during the two-year effort. For more stories of valor, visit Military Times’ new-look Hall of Valor Project website, which includes expanded search options and thousands of citations for Medal of Honor awards and other valor decorations.

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