Whether you’re training for work or just enjoying your day off, making the most of range time is key. Of course, just like other areas of training, you’ve gotta have the proper tools for the job. You can put all the lead downrange you want, but having the right gear — good pair of shooting glasses, ear protection, and ammo — can help keep you safe, organized, and on-target.

As your gear ages its performance decreases. Face it: your bag could be in tatters and your earplugs could be sporting more wax than a candle. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some range accessories just in time for Father’s Day. Make them get you what you really want: a nice quiet day of honing your killing skills with some great new range gear.

1. Hackett Equipment Standard Issue Double Rifle Case

Hackett Equipment Standard Issue Double Rifle Case

It can hold two rifles and two pistols in its well-padded sleeves. And all the extras that your guns deserve are there: lockable zippers, buckle lockdowns, 600D polyester and PVC coating, and, of course, velcro patches.

Buy Hackett Equipment Standard Issue Double Rifle Case, $75.

2. Wiley X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses

Wiley X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses

EyePro is one of your most essential range items. Wiley and Saber make the perfect pair of shooting glasses for frequent use. They have three sets of lenses, temple adjustments, and polarization. And all that comes at a price that won’t make you wince if you sit on them.

Buy Wiley X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses, $66.

3. Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD

Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD

All the utility of a good Leatherman, plus replaceable fuse-wire cutters, cap crimper, C4 punch, and cutout handles that are easy to grip while wearing gloves. Even if you’re not doing bomb disposal, it is the perfect tool for fiddling and fixes on the range.

Buy Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD, $90.

4. Beretta Off Shot Active Ear Plugs

Beretta Off Shot Active Ear Plugs

Don’t skimp on ear protection. Beretta makes a quality pair of active earplugs, with automatic digital suppression for covering gunshots and explosions and nothing else. Charging them for one hour gives you 25 hours of battery. So you can pop them in first thing and not take them out till you’re home.

Buy Beretta Off Shot Active Ear Plugs, $459.

5. Genuine Ammo Can

Genuine Ammo Can

It held ammo once, and it can do it again. If you don’t have .30 or .50 caliber on-hand, you can use the stainless steel can for just about anything on the range, in the garage, or elsewhere.

Buy genuine ammo can, $28.

6. Velocity Systems Special Threat Ceramic Plate

Velocity Systems Special Threat Ceramic Plate

You’ve probably got a tactical vest. But only a ceramic plate will catch a stray round. Velocity Systems’ ceramic plate is rated to withstand a ricochet from a 7.62 or 5.56 round, and is capable of withstanding multiple hits (when things get more serious). Plus, it only weighs six pounds.

Buy Velocity Systems Special Threat Ceramic Plate, $335.

7. Filson Heritage Sportsman Bag

Filson Heritage Sportsman Bag

Ditch the dirty gym bag. Filson’s Sportsman Bag is a no-bullshit, made-in-the-U.S. bag that’s perfect for the range. It’s got a weather-resistant exterior, shoulder strap, five outer pockets, and internal dividers. Its rugged cotton twill, oil finish tin cloth, and U.S.A.-tanned bridle leather should last long enough to pass it on to your kids. It comes in blaze orange and otter green (our preference), making it as useful for sporting clays as it is for a day at the CQB course.

Buy Filson Heritage Sportsman Bag, $395.

8. 5.11 Tactical EMS Pants

5.11 Tactical EMS Pants

5.11 makes pants for the FBI Training Academy. If you want trousers that are built tactical, these are the ones. They have multiple cargo pockets, knee pad slots, and a design-friendly to holsters and pouches. But what about the BBQ sauce you spill on them after your range day? No problem — they’re coated with Teflon.

Buy 5.11 Tactical EMS Pants now, $60.

9. MEC 100E Sporter Electric Clays Trap

MEC 100E Sporter Electric Clays Trap

Sometimes a range day is more than putting pin-holes in paper targets. Sometimes you want to blast clays with your favorite break-barrel to hone your aim for duck season. But, enough with the old hand-thrower. You want to get serious? Upgrade to this wheeled beast, which holds a standard box of clays and throws 85 yards no problem. And its tilt mode helps with every presentation you can imagine. Your friends will envy you and the birds will wish you were never born.

Buy the MEC 100E Sporter Electric Clays Trap now, $1,650.

10. Ammo!


Nothing beats brass, my friend. Natchez is a buyer’s market for every type of round you could ever dream of. They carry every brand and their prices are tough to beat.

Shop Natchez Ammo now.

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