XTech Tactical, makers of premium firearm magazines and accessories, announced today the release of their expanded capacity complete magazine line for the H&K VP9 & P30 9mm pistols. These are anything but industry standard aftermarket magazines. The re-development process took over one year, and when you handle the parts it shows.

XTech Tactical first brought their VP9 and P30 magazines to market as 15rd and 20rds two years ago. The company has been widely accepted as the go-to aftermarket option that is on par with factory H&K magazines. However, consumers continuously reached out to XTech Tactical requesting an increase in capacity to bring the VP9 and P30 on par with other popular pistols.

XTech Tactical’s approach, as it has become known for, compromised nothing. The company completely re-engineered and re-tooled each of the plastic components to the flush-fit magazine. In addition, the company added a 17rd indicator hole and re-engineered the mag catch feature on the magazine body to offer seamless release on the newer VP9-B pistol.

The magazine bodies are upgraded in steel over factory and come with a lifetime warranty. They are also available in 5 and 10 packs for both options. The 17rd magazines are only 1/10” longer than the company’s former 15rd magazines and H&K factory 15rd magazines.

The 21rd magazines feature the patent-pending MTX design that offers industry-leading reliability, ease of installation, and durability. The MTX line is also shipping for the Smith & Wesson M&P9 as a plus 5 9mm, and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm as a plus 2 to both the factory 7rd and 8rd magazines.

The magazines are 17rd (MSRP $34.95) and 21rd ($59.95). They can be purchased at www.xtechtactical.com Dealer inquiries please contact dealers@xtechtactical.com Please also follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and promotions.

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