Affordable, quality and 1911s are part of a seemingly impossible trifecta. Shooters can have any two of these, but never all three.

Affordable 1911 handguns exist, but they aren’t normally top quality because either the man-hours or machine-hours involved in elevating their performance to the next level would dramatically increase their production costs. And this is especially the case with race guns, or competition-specific firearms, which normally include a myriad of desirable features.

And now that the golden age of 1911 smiths has set, there are only a handful of truly great gunmakers out there that can tune a 1911 to run like a top.

And while they will deliver a world-class product, it will have a price to match — that’s why most gun owners won’t even consider one for purchase.

So when European American Armory announced their latest gun would be a budget-friendly competition gun built with direct influence from competition shooter, Noel Zarzan, I was understandably skeptical, but excited. Check out the press release below for more info.

While the $1,075 price tag for the .45ACP version might seem a little steep, it is a smoking deal for shooters in search of a semi-custom 1911. Especially since it includes desirable features like its 2.5lb competition trigger, ambidexterous safety and fully adjustable rear sight combined with a target barrel.

From the release, this gun sounds like it would be an excellent choice for shooters in the Heavy Metal Irons division of three-gun matches. That or anyone in need of a quality, semi-custom 1911 for under $2,000.

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