Q. My husband is in the process of enlisting. We just found out I'm pregnant. Will Tricare cover the pregnancy once he goes to basic training?

A. Absolutely. Tricare places no restrictions on coverage of pre-existing conditions; once you become eligible for Tricare, you're covered for any health services or procedures that Tricare normally covers, to include prenatal care for already-pregnant women.

Once your husband goes on active duty, all he has to do is register you as his dependent in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System and you must get a dependent spouse ID card.

You can get general information from the main DEERS support office at 800-538-9552.

Q. I served in the Marines for 81/2 years, and was medically retired with a 90 percent disability rating. I'm getting married soon. Will I be able to get medical coverage for my new wife? If so, what steps would I need to take to make that happen?

A. If you received formal medical retirement from the military, then you're eligible for all the same retirement benefits as a service member who stays in for at least 20 years — to include Tricare coverage for you and your immediate family. Once married, all you have to do is register your bride in DEERS under your sponsorship as your dependent, and get her a dependent ID card. She'll then be able to use Tricare.

You can engage DEERS by visiting the ID Card/DEERS office on any military installation. You can also get general information from the main DEERS support office.

Q. When I go to the doctor, is my military dependent ID card also my proof of insurance, or do I need a Tricare insurance card as well?

A. There is no Tricare insurance card. As long as you are properly registered as a dependent under a military sponsor in DEERS, your military dependent ID card is all you need when you visit the doctor.

Q. I'm a traditional drill-status National Guardsman. In my civilian life, I'm a federal employee for the Interior Department. Am I eligible for Tricare Reserve Select?

A. Unfortunately, anyone who has access to the Federal Employee Health Benefits program cannot use Tricare Reserve Select. It doesn't matter whether you're actually enrolled in the FEHB; if you're even eligible for it, TRS is not an option.

More details on TRS and its eligibility rules are at www.tricare.mil/trs.

Questions? Send an email to tricarehelp@militarytimes.com.

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