When Winchester Ammunition announced their straight-walled .350 Legend cartridge at SHOT Show 2019, only CMMG and Ruger had firearms chambered in the new round.

Now, roughly one year later, the potent round appears to be gaining traction with additional gun manufacturers with the latest adopter being Franklin Armory.

The cartridge was developed in response to various hunting laws in the United States that restrict calibers to straight-walled cartridges. This effectively restricted hunters to .30-30, .45-70 Gov or similar rounds in lever-action, or breech-loading rifles.

To give hunters an auto-loading alternative, Winchester developed the .350 Legend - a round that functions in a modified STANAG magazine in standard AR-15 magazine wells.

Despite being developed initially as a hunting round, it is equally as effective as defensive cartridge. There are even super-heavy subsonic loads available for shooters running a suppressor who want more ballistic energy than .300 BLK.

So while the .350 Legend has plenty of great features, it wouldn’t mean anything if companies declined to manufacturing rifles chambered in it. Thankfully for fans of the round, Franklin Armory has just announced a few firearms in the caliber. Check out the official press release below:

Not only is Franklin building standard pistols and carbines in .350 Legend, but also California and New York compliant models. So shooters living in ban states can still have access to these new guns. T

he release continues on and states that versions of the .350 Legend firearms will be available at Media Day at SHOT Show 2020, so hopefully the staff here will have a chance to take them for a test spin. For additional information on the new Franklin Armory firearms including pricing and availability, visit https://franklinarmory.com/

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