Long range and rimfire aren’t exactly synonymous.

The ultra-affordable .22lr round is great for practice and hunting small game, but is woefully underpowered when compared to any centerfire rifle round.

Which makes Ruger’s newest bolt gun a very peculiar firearm.

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Basically, Ruger is taking their bolt-action American rimfire rifle and placing it in an old-school precision rifle stock that bares a striking resemblance to the Mcmillan stock used on the Military M40 sniper rifle.

But since this little rifle is chambered in .22lr, it is by no means a sniper rifle.

What it appears to be is a precision rifle meant for shooting targets and small game within 100 yards. This might seem underwhelming to some, but the little gun will definitely find a niche with shooters out West looking for a cheap way to dispatch groundhogs and other varmints.

Check out the presser below for all the details.

Interesting, and from the looks of it, it seems that the gun is practically loaded with impressive features.

The most interesting features for shooters like myself, is the inclusion of a heavy threaded barrel and a monolithic scope rail.

This combination makes for a ton of inexpensive and quiet plinking in the backyard. The new Ruger American Rimfire Long-Range Target rifle retails for $599. For even more information, visit www.Ruger.com

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