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Exclusive 'Thank You for Your Service' video: Veterans set the tone on and off screen

'Thank You for Your Service': Walking the Talk

How veterans of multiple conflicts, with multiple skill sets, assisted in the production, and the tone, of the feature film.

The featurette above shows the presence of former service members not just as advisers, but as part of the cinematic creation of “Thank You for Your Service,” which hits theaters Friday.

“A vet knows another vet when they see them,” writer/director Jason Hall says in the film, addressing why producers sought veterans to serve as extras during scenes such as one where the main character, a soldier played by Miles Teller, visits a Veterans Affairs center. “And so I wanted the veterans who are watching this move to recognize other veterans.”

Service members past and present are eligible for free tickets to a Thursday night screening of the film at participating AMC Theatres.

For more on the film, including a trailer and more from Hall and star Miles Teller, click here.

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