Weapon lights are a critical component of many law enforcement, and civilian home defense setups. They allow the wielder to positively identify a potential threat, illuminate said threat, and even potentially disorient them if the light is bright enough.

With all this versatility, these lights become invaluable to the user, and many believe that the truly high quality versions of them are only available from one very large company. But the truth is something a little different - shooters simply need to spend their money with a company that has a solid reputation for affordable, quality products. A company like Streamlight.

TLR-8AG on Glock 17

And it seems like the light-maker is certainly growing in popularity, as every year they release more and more weapon lights. One of the great additions to their product lineup for 2020, is the TLR-8A and TLR-8AG flex models. Check out the press release below.

Very interesting, and a welcome addition to the TLR series of lights. Especially the new toggle switches. While the MSRP above may seem higher than normal, street prices are always vastly lower. For more information, head over to https://www.streamlight.com/

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