Noveske Rifle Works has released their Generation 4 series of rifles, announcing it with an unusual, if engaging video (q.v.).

The latest Noveske rifles, PDWs, and SBRs are available in 300 Blackout or 5.56mm, with barrel lengths of 7.94 in., 10.5 in., and 16 in. They’ll be offered in MLOK or Keymod.

Aesthetic options include Bazooka Green, Sniper Grey, and Black. Features, depending upon the particular model, include Geissele triggers and charging handles, free-floating handguards, Flash Hider-Q Cherry Bomb muzzle brakes, Norgon Ambi magazine releases and 60 degree STS selector switches, Q PDW style stocks, Magpul MBUS Pro Folding Sights and assorted other high end features.

Available to purchase through:

Ally Outdoors:

Noveske Rifleworks was founded by John Noveske in 2001. Noveske is most known for producing military and competition grade rifle barrels. The company sells such products as the KX3 muzzle brake, KX5 muzzle brake, the NSR rail system, and the Switchblock gas block system. The Noveske Rifleworks operations is located at Grants Pass, Oregon. The company maintains several patents on their barrel manufacturing process, such as “Noveske Rifleworks extreme duty machine gun barrel”. Noveske is known to primarily manufacture AR-15 rifles and rifle components. Find them on Instagram and Facebook; hat tip to “The New Guns of 2019.”