Congressman and former Green Beret Col. Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Florida, and fellow Army combat veteran Julia Nesheiwat got married in September.

And what should follow sweet nuptial bliss for this military couple but a 9 pound 5 ounce bundle of joy that they adoringly named after their beloved service branch: Armie.

Waltz’s new familial recruit reported for duty Jan. 7 and was welcomed with a tweet from his commanding officer, which read, “Go Armie! 9lbs 5oz on Jan 7th. Our hearts are full in the Waltz family.”

In a surprising turn of events, baby Armie was not photographed wearing the proper uniform of the day for his official portrait, though we suppose you could call his little striped blues ‘Armie’ mess dress.

There is no word yet whether Armie’s birth was part of his enlistment package or if he’ll seek a commission.

With a name like that, however, his first word is bound to be “HOOAH.”

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